Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will work for free!!

There should be a boarding school for the terrible 2's phase. No parent should have to see their little cutie turn into such a demin child. We did have a successful 7 peepee attempts with no peeing on the floor yesterday but that was in exchange for refusing to nap and crying if you walked incorrectly anytime after 6pm. Does anyone know how to get ink off of a closet door or a 2 year old to nap when he thinks there are more important things to do?


Rachel said...

With Warren I just took off the diaper and put underwear on. It is kind of messy in the beggening. But they get the idea they do not like being wet. Now he is a pro in the bathroom, he even goes by himself in the big potty.

Morgan's Mom said...

you make that stay at home mom stuff sound so appealing!!

Let me know how the potty training progresses...I am looking to you and Rach to lead the way.