Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will work for free!!

There should be a boarding school for the terrible 2's phase. No parent should have to see their little cutie turn into such a demin child. We did have a successful 7 peepee attempts with no peeing on the floor yesterday but that was in exchange for refusing to nap and crying if you walked incorrectly anytime after 6pm. Does anyone know how to get ink off of a closet door or a 2 year old to nap when he thinks there are more important things to do?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All before noon....

There is a reason women entered the workforce and it had nothing to do with war and Rosey the Riveter (sp?)....
All before noon my day included:
*2 dirty diapers
*pulling 2 full rolls of toilet paper out of the toilet
* many peepee attempts in the potty
*rinsing off a fake flower that was watered in the toilet
* Ethan removing his clothes and diaper and sitting in the sand box in the short time it takes to walk up the stairs and lay a sleeping Nora on the couch.
*rinsing sand from Ethan's bum - which also included the most successful peepee attempt in the bathtub
*a walk in the wagon - helps maintain everyone's sanity with the quite and peacefulness
*a few tantrums (this of course means major 2 y.o. breakdown due to something like mommy moving the blocks off the chair)
*Starting a pot of homemade vegetable soup - yep Martha Stewart watch out
*Barney - allows for a few minutes of cleaning on the fly
*oh I forgot, with the new found ability to peepee we think it is funny to take diaper off and peepee on the floor. picture mommy chasing naked Ethan to put on diaper for him to just laugh and peepee in a new area when he stops - after which he turns into an angel child and is ready for naptime after lunch.
So... Laurie you gave those wonderful truffles to me as a going away present for a reason and it had something to do with sanity. If anyone is enjoying my craziness - I am out of these wonderful truffles please send emergency supply of chocolate.

Monday, August 11, 2008

So.... if I can find the cord to transfer picture from the camera to the computer I will post some up to date pictures. Ethan's new talent is cleaning and packing things - I cannot even find my potatoes to make baked potatoes for dinner.

Yes I know it is an old picture, however preseason has arrived and I do not have a new Chargers picture to let you enjoy. So here goes the blog thing......

It is official I am an unemployed at home mom - hence the blog. So enjoy the pics and fun stories - I am sure once we are back at work they will quickly dwindle.